Round Up

The inaugural summer season for Blue Shutters Gallery and Antiques (inaugural for the gallery part, that is) was hugely successful. Kudos to Bobby Young for expanding and being so enthusiastic in supporting local artists. I rather enjoyed the odd day, here and there, minding the shop - it's certainly a great way to meet all and sundry who travel down this South Shore of ours - all of them fascinating with stories to tell. Every now and again 'them' that came in to by antiques bought a painting and vise versa, with everyone happy all-round.

2015 is drawing to a close. Time flies so fast. At least it's been gentle weather-wise so far. Others have not been so lucky. Snow shovels are ready and waiting, the garden put-to-bed, and checking on the bird-feeders is on the daily agenda… Roll on winter. I love it!

Time in the studio has been productive to date with many months left of old man winter to come …..

Best wishes to all as 2015 turns in to 2016. Many thanks to all that bought some of my artwork this year. I hope it brings you pleasure for years to come…. 

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