Been busy but…..

I've been busy but I'm off for a wee jaunt. Simply couldn't resist seeing my dear friend, Colleen, and her son, Merritt. It entails tropical climes for a short while which will be a shock to the system, but much appreciated despite the earlier-than-normal signs of spring here in Nova Scotia; snowdrops and crocci the first to show their cheery faces. They help calm my furious disappointment of a big long-needled pine that got needlessly stumped on the neighbouring property for the sake of a few electrical wires. It's like losing a friend. A blot on the landscape by it's absence.

My paintings have been all over the map this year - which has been fun and interesting. Some larger, some smaller, canvas along with masonite, and subject matter showing no rhyme or reason…. 

Oh well, what's a gal to do, but enjoy herself?!

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