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Moose burgers and tire change - Yay, Spring!

Almost a year ago to the day, we broke ground to fix my house foundation +. It’s been a long, cheery project that is still vibrant  i.e. not finished….. But we are alive and well and full of the joys of spring.

Today, between designing the new kitchen cabinets (without a level floor or square edge in sight - you have to love these old houses) we got our snow tires switched to summer ones AND I mowed my lawn for the first time in 2018.  Yay, SPRING! On top of it all,  we had moose burgers at the recently opened Gold Bean Café on Beech Hill Road. Sparkly new and very friendly. Memories of Newfoundland.

Blue Shutters Gallery and Antiques is due to open at the end of the month where my recent paintings will be hung. Stop by sometime if you’re passing…..

Finally, my painting “Summer Haze” is available for rent or purchase at the Teichert Gallery on Hollis Street, in Halifax. 

Still Alive…..

Still alive…. just quieter than normal.

Still painting…. but wilder than normal.

Still doing all the usual stuff …..  except smoking. Sigh.

Still waiting for spring!

IMG 3701 2

Been busy but…..

I've been busy but I'm off for a wee jaunt. Simply couldn't resist seeing my dear friend, Colleen, and her son, Merritt. It entails tropical climes for a short while which will be a shock to the system, but much appreciated despite the earlier-than-normal signs of spring here in Nova Scotia; snowdrops and crocci the first to show their cheery faces. They help calm my furious disappointment of a big long-needled pine that got needlessly stumped on the neighbouring property for the sake of a few electrical wires. It's like losing a friend. A blot on the landscape by it's absence.

My paintings have been all over the map this year - which has been fun and interesting. Some larger, some smaller, canvas along with masonite, and subject matter showing no rhyme or reason…. 

Oh well, what's a gal to do, but enjoy herself?!

Round Up

The inaugural summer season for Blue Shutters Gallery and Antiques (inaugural for the gallery part, that is) was hugely successful. Kudos to Bobby Young for expanding and being so enthusiastic in supporting local artists. I rather enjoyed the odd day, here and there, minding the shop - it's certainly a great way to meet all and sundry who travel down this South Shore of ours - all of them fascinating with stories to tell. Every now and again 'them' that came in to by antiques bought a painting and vise versa, with everyone happy all-round.

2015 is drawing to a close. Time flies so fast. At least it's been gentle weather-wise so far. Others have not been so lucky. Snow shovels are ready and waiting, the garden put-to-bed, and checking on the bird-feeders is on the daily agenda… Roll on winter. I love it!

Time in the studio has been productive to date with many months left of old man winter to come …..

Best wishes to all as 2015 turns in to 2016. Many thanks to all that bought some of my artwork this year. I hope it brings you pleasure for years to come…. 


4 paintings of mine have sold out of Blue Shutters Gallery and Antiques in it's inaugural week. Quite thrilling and exciting!….. thank you purchasers.  I had my first day of minding the shop on Friday…. Finally learnt how to use a credit card machine from the other side of the counter to my usual spot. Money in, not out….. Surprisingly easy and much less painful.

An invitation to the official opening of the Gallery on June 30th, 12pm-7pm is below….. Maybe we will see you there?

New Gallery

Bobby Young, of Blue Shutters Antiques, is opening a gallery in part of her shop. Featuring local artists, a number of my paintings will be on the walls. Inclement weather this week means the June 1st opening is going to be a wee bit delayed, but hopefully June 5th it'll be up and running.

If you find yourself on the South Shore, take a peek and maybe have a walk around Graves Island Provincial Park at the end of the road from the gallery (3167 Hwy 3, East Chester, NS) (902) 275 5359.

The veg seeds and plants are in, the crabapples and lilacs in bloom. I planted a new tree in honour of my godfather, Richard Greenwood, on the weekend - a red bud - similar to the cercis siliquastrum or Judas tree that my father adored. I can't wait to see it bloom next spring.

Image - Version 2

End of August

Was that summer that just happened??!!

Me and my first iceberg off Fogo Island, Newfoundland…. can you see it?!


Spectacular scenery:

And yet another form of travel!


The veg boxes are pretty pathetic - weeks late thanks to the weather that has still to allow us to believe it is June and summertime…….


Had a great week in Norris Point, Newfoundland as Jazzette were invited to play at the Trails, Tales and Tunes Festival '14. Got to say hi to friends, walk on serious rocks, listen to exceptional music and have a great laugh.


Stunning scenery as always.

It's going to be a busy summer when it happens…….

Still Winter


This is what I dream of as we head into March…….

Might need that kayak on an upcoming visit to poor sodden UK?!

But what a glorious, snow-filled, blue-skied winter we've had.


Snowshoeing on the Chester Golf Course - pristine.


Peggy's snow angel. Pity she isn't one. She's wicked……. wicked fun that is!


Wet it is……… a week of rain…….. not wet paint in the studio.

After a hot and humid week in Ontario, I was so excited to come back to the garden and cool sea breezes, but now everything is sodden - the peonies bent double - and not a glimmer of sunshine in the forecast for the upcoming long weekend. Oh to live up above the clouds!


All those outside jobs will just have to wait…….

Rumour has it that it's going to be a long hot summer……. I just wish it would start!


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